11 arrests are made every day across the UK because of Crimestoppers

13 December 2018

If you know something about a crime or criminal but don’t want to go to the police, go to Crimestoppers.

Crimestoppers is an independent UK charity that gives you the power to come forward with information about a crime, with 100% anonymity.

In the 30 years Crimestoppers has been running, no one has ever been identified after giving information.

Why Crimestoppers?

  • You don’t want to talk to the police

  • You want to report someone you know

  • You’re worried that others will find out you passed information

  • You’re not sure if what you know is helpful

  • You don’t want to get involved with courts

How does Crimestoppers work and how am I anonymous?

  • They will listen to any information you may have

  • The don’t record any personal information

  • A report will be created that brings together all relevant information (but nothing that could identify you)

  • They will pass information to the relevant authority on your behalf, but never reveal your identity

You can pass on information 24/7 by phone on 0800 555 111 or on their website.

To find out more about Crimestoppers visit their website, Facebook, Twitter.