Sedgemoor want your help

Sedgemoor are assessing their open space, sport and recreation

18 December 2018

Sedgemoor District Council are currently preparing an assessment of the quality and quantity of open space, sport and recreation facilities and spaces.

The council would like to understand the current quality and quantity of sites, the amount the sites are used and the expected level of future use.

By completing a short survey, you can give the council your views and help them protect existing sites, identify additional needs, support funding bids and help inform negotiations with developers to secure open space, sport and recreational facilities.

The survey is available on their website here.

The survey also comes with an interactive map which shows current sites, planned sites and any sites lost to development in recent years.

The deadline to complete the survey is Friday 1 February 2019

More information about the study can be found on Sedgemoor District Council’s website.