Welcome to the new Challenge and Change

Take a look at the new Challenge and Change, designed by you

3 January 2019

Thanks to your help, we’ve made changes to Challenge and Change to make it easier for you to get involved and influence the way we work.

Challenge and Change is an independent group led by our customers who scrutinise, review and challenge our services and processes to help us improve.

The group meet four times a year and cover a different topic – chosen by you – each time. Previous sessions have covered shared ownership, maintenance service charges and My Yarlington.

To make it even easier to get involved and ensure the group continues to make valuable changes, we asked you how we could improve Challenge and Change.

In 2018 we ran a consultation on scrutiny which asked your opinion about what topics we should consider covering, where and when the sessions should held.

More than 100 of you took part in the survey and provided some great feedback.

You said you wanted sessions to cover the following topics:

  • Repairs and maintenance

  • Anti-social behaviour

  • The condition of a property when moving in

More than half of you also asked for Challenge and Change to be held in your communities and to work around your schedule. You asked for:

  • Sessions to take place on weekdays after 6pm, Monday mornings and Saturday mornings

  • Sessions to last between one and two hours

We also recruited for a new Chair and Vice-Chair of Challenge and Change who will help make the changes you asked for and lead a successful group. Ann and Wendy are delighted to start their new roles and get more of you involved and making a difference.

To kick off 2019 and the new Challenge and Change, we’re holding our first session at a new time and new place.

The first session will be 10am on Saturday 19 January 2019 at Yarlington’s Park Lodge, Yeovil, BA20 1DG and will last no longer than two hours.

The session will discuss the condition of a property when moving in and will give you the opportunity to meet Ann and Wendy, others in your community and a taste of what Challenge and Change is all about.

There’s no commitment needed to get involved, you can attend a session you’re passionate about or come along to all of them.

To let us know you're attending or to find out more information get in touch via challengeandchange@yhg.co.uk or call 01935 404507

We look forward to seeing how the group can grow, adapt and continue influencing the way we work.

See you there!