Meet the Chair and Vice-Chair

Meet the new Chair and Vice-Chair of Challenge and Change

3 January 2019

We are delighted to welcome a new Chair and Vice-Chair of Challenge and Change. Ann and Wendy will help lead and grow our scrutiny group to help it continue to influence the way we work.

Challenge and Change is an independent group led by our customers who scrutinise, review and challenge our services and processes to help us improve.

The group meet four times a year and cover a different topic – chosen by you – each time. Previous sessions have covered shared ownership, maintenance service charges and My Yarlington.

Chair – Ann Bugden

Ann has been a tenant with another housing association for 18 years where she lives with her husband, dog and two grown up sons.

While Ann is an administrator at a Scout camp site, she has spent a lot of time heavily involved with her housing association. Ann was a part of the Continuous Improvement Group which worked with the Executive Team and staff to identify what changes could be made to customer services.

For the last eight years, Ann has been a Resident Board Member where she has brought a tenant’s perspective to the Board, challenged and influenced high-level decision making and brought awareness of tenant issues to the group.

Taking her knowledge and experience further, Ann saw Challenge and Change as the next step in helping other housing associations make the best decisions for their customers.

On Challenge and Change, Ann says: “I look forward to growing the group, expanding on the work already completed and ensuring more voices can be heard from the wide variety of homes Yarlington provides.”

Vice-Chair – Wendy Stevens

Wendy is a Yarlington customer and has extensive knowledge and experience working with housing and customers. Wendy was previous on a Council in Cornwall and Chair of their tenants group.

On her role, Wendy says: “I’m looking forward to working with Ann and expanding Challenge and Change throughout 2019 to help make a difference to Yarlington and its customers.”

You can meet Ann and Wendy at the first Challenge and Change meeting of 2019 on Saturday 19 January, 10am at Yarlington’s Park Lodge, Yeovil.