The Property Inspection Programme

Heard of or had an inspection? What are they and why are we doing them?

3 May 2019

Over the last few months you’ve probably either heard of property inspections or had one by your Community Partner.

A property inspection sounds a bit scary, but is it? Absolutely not!

We want to ensure that all our properties are maintained to a good standard and by working with you we can ensure your home meets your needs and our standards as a landlord. This is why we introduced a Property Inspection Programme last December and will visit all of our properties within the next two years.

What does the inspection involve?

When your Community Partner comes to visit, they will check the general condition of your home, any damage, any disrepair or breaches of tenancy. The visit is a great opportunity for you to get to know your Partner and talk about anything to do with your tenancy.

I’ve heard about a new decoration policy?

We introduced a new Yarlington Standard in July 2018 and  any property let after this time will be fully decorated and painted in magnolia and white, including woodwork.  The new standard is part of a commitment to continually invest in our properties and getting it right at the start of the tenancy is a step forward. Obviously this comes at a cost to us and what we want to do is protect our investment.  We are keen that new customers maintain this new standard throughout their tenancy.  We discuss this at the start of all new tenancies, during the viewing and before signing a tenancy agreement.

For our existing customers in their home, we are encouraging you to follow this standard and return the property to magnolia and white,  we know this is not always possible and will not enforce this with our existing customers.

What happens if my home doesn’t meet the Yarlington Standard?

 Your Community Partner will work with you to highlight what needs attention and together you will agree an action plan and timescales to complete any work needed. You’re not on your own with this! We can support you and work with our external agencies and networks to help you achieve this.

Your Community Partner will then revisit you within the agreed timeframe to check  in on your progress and will work with you until  your home meets the Yarlington standard.

All properties that pass their inspection and meet the Yarlington Standard will then be added to our regular inspection cycle for a revisit between one to three years.

What if the date of the appointment isn’t suitable for me?

We will always give you  at least two weeks notice before visiting you for a property inspection. You will need to be in for the inspection so if the date isn’t convenient, please let us know as soon as possible and we can arrange one that is suitable for you. If we do not hear from you we will assume the appointment date is suitable for you.


But don’t just take our word for it, hear what one of our Chard customers had to say about the inspections:

 What were your thoughts when you received the appointment letter?

 When I received the letter I was really worried about the appointment. I was anxious leading up to the appointment and very anxious on the day!

How long did the inspection take?

 The inspection took about 45 minutes in total.

Did your Community Partner explain to you what the visit was about?

My Community Partner was fantastic. When she arrived at the property she made me feel calm, detailing the reason for the visit. Straight away I was made to feel at ease – I thought, “what was I worried about?”

Did you agree on the action plan together?

My Community Partner highlighted some minor issues with my home, a hinge had broken on one of my kitchen units, and together we reported it as repair there and then through My Yarlington.

The décor in my house was also looking a little tired, my Partner advised me about the decoration policy and we agreed a timescale for me to refresh it using magnolia and white paint.

How did you feel about your follow up appointment?

I still felt nervous; the appointment was made to check the progress against my action plan. Initially I was worried because I hadn’t done it all, even though that wasn’t the expectation.

But, when my Community Partner arrived, she was really impressed with what I had done, in fact, she made me feel about 10 feet tall. For someone like myself, this helped me a great deal.

It is good to have an action plan, something to focus on and afterwards a real sense of achievement.

What advice would you give anyone else worrying about the visit?

 I would say, do not worry! It might sound scary but it really is not. I would just like to say, my Community Partner is the best and a real asset to Yarlington.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new Property Inspection Programme then get in touch with us.