Safer Communities

We're working with a range of services to keep you and your communities safe

5 August 2019

Everyone should feel safe in their home and community.

We know the effect anti-social behaviour has and we're working hard to tackle this. We like to empower you to resolve issues yourself but sometimes things are a little more serious, so we step in to help.

When serious concerns are raised, we make referrals to the appropriate agencies to ensure you get the support you need.

Any reports of domestic abuse are investigated and dealt with immediately by working with the police and support agencies.

When it comes to drug issues, we make referrals to support groups, issue warnings and if necessary, work with the police and take legal action to put a stop to it.

This is a tough issue to manage so we rely on you letting us know if you spot anything. We've already been successful in making a number of arrests and convictions.

We always look for ways to make our communities even safer but need your help.

We're also working with Crimestoppers if you have information about something or someone but don't want to share it with us or the police. You can share anything big or small and it's 100% anonymous. In their 30 year history no one who has reported a crime has ever been identified.

To report anything, call 0800 555 111 or visit their website.