Repairs at Yarlington

What is an emergency repair or a non-urgent repair?

6 August 2019

Two of our Customer Charter commitments mention repairs; emergency and non-urgent. But what is an emergency repair or a non-urgent repair?

We've listed a few examples below.

Emergency repairs

We will attend an emergency repair within 24 hours. This includes:

  • Total loss of water, gas or electric

  • Flooding

  • Burst water main

  • Severe storm damage

  • Breaches of security

  • Gas leak

  • Major fault with electricity

  • Blocked flue

  • Blocked soil pipe or sole WC

  • Failure of stair lift or passenger lift

  • Fire damage

  • Dangerous structures

Non-urgent repairs

My Yarlington is an easy-to-use booking system for non-urgent repairs. What does this include?

We have two sets of non-urgent repairs, those we will attend within 30 days and within 90 days.

30 calendar day repairs

  • General plumbing

  • General carpentry/joinery repairs

  • Repairs to tiling or kitchen fittings

  • Electrical faults

  • Roof leaks

  • Severe dampness

  • Hot water loss

  • General roofing repairs

  • Faulty extractor fan

90 calendar day repairs

  • Major repairs to walls,  brickwork, slates, tiles, fences or paths

  • Cleaning of gutters and down pipes

  • Major plaster work

  • Major roof and/or chimney works

Please note that these lists are just a few examples and do not include every repair that we carry out.