You said, we did

What have we changed following our last Challenge and Change?

2 July 2019

We held our first newly-designed Challenge and Change earlier this year and for the first time brought the group to you, in your community at a date and time that means more of you can attend.

The session discussed the condition of properties when customers first move in, a topic 101 of you said you wanted to discuss during a consultation last year.

At the meeting you raised some good points and some things to consider:

You said

The good things

  • The Yarlington void standard is compliant with the Decent Homes Standard and means all properties are let to a minimum, decent standard

  • The new decorating policy will help reduce the number of poor quality properties

To consider

  • The new decorating standard was felt to be restrictive

  • Performance by subcontractors was felt not to be up to the same standard as our internal team

  • A lack of communication meant some customers missed support they could have befitted from

So what have we done as a result?

We did

  • Add a push button instead of a traditional stopcock on properties with elderly or disabled customers

  • During the moving in process, staff will make sure customers are shown how to use the appliances within the property

  • Ensure staff who carry out property viewings have the correct knowledge to effectively show the customer the property e.g. type of boiler

  • Consider how customers are matched to properties to ensure the property matches their ability from day 1

  • Staff who perform viewings will ensure specialist support is available to help new customers move and settle if necessary

  • Provide a simplified summary of the void standard on My Yarlington so customers know what to expect from our properties

  • Provide customers with a checklist of all the work that has been carried out on the property between the time the last customer moved out to when the new customer moves in.

  • All customers to complete a new property checklist to confirm that there are no issues with the property

  • Customers asked about the property after two months of living there to understand how well the new void process is working

  • Where items are gifted to the property, ensure customers know that they are being gifted and are their responsibility to maintain. We will carry out safety checks on any gifted items and will give customers the opportunity to decide if they want the item or not.