Our pet friendly policy

We’ve just updated our pet friendly policy and ask you to familiarise yourself with it

30 August 2019

At Yarlington, we’re pet friendly. We love our furry friends but we need to make sure that in your home we keep your pet safe, keep you safe and keep our staff safe.

We’ve recently updated our Pet Friendly Policy which includes the types of pets we allow in our properties, how you can request permission to keep a pet in your home and important information about your responsibilities.

We encourage you to be a responsible pet owner ensuring your pet has:

  • Somewhere to live

  • A suitable diet including fresh water and appropriate food

  • Allow them to express normal behaviour

  • Any need to be house with, or apart from, other animals

  • And protect them from pain, suffering and injury

We know that dogs and other pets are not inherently dangerous, but even the most timid animal can be capable of attacking someone if it feels it or its territory is threatened.

When we come to visit, whether that’s your Community Partner, one of our operatives to carry out a repair or a representative, there are a few rules we need you to follow.

  • You ensure your dog or other pet is out of the way when we come to visit. Place them in a safe outside space or a room that we won’t need to access.

  • If you have a garden, close off any access in case your pet dog or other pet cant get to the front of the house or where our staff member is.

  • Keep your dog or other pet safely in another room before you answer the door.

  • Once we’ve left your home, wait 10 minutes before letting your dog or other pet back into the rest of the home so they’re calm.

By following these rules, we can avoid any distress to your pet, minimise the risk of any accident occurring and ensure we can do our jobs well.

Our Pet Friendly Policy goes into more detail about your responsibilities and keeping pets in your home.