Estate services consultation

We've looked at your results from the estate services consultation

19 September 2019

In July this year we consulted with you on the way we manage our estate services.

With a contract up for renewal, we thought it was the right time to ensure we are continuing to provide a good service that is value for money. We also wanted to give you the opportunity to tell us if we should be providing any other services and what you will be willing to pay.

The consultation was sent to everyone who currently pay one or more estate service charges.

313 of you took part in the consultation with two out of three saying you did not want to pay for additional services.

  • 66% of you said you did not want to pay for the removal of grass cutting, 21% said you would pay for this and 13% unsure

  • 61% said you would not pay for a handy person service, 21% said you would and 18% were unsure.

  • 82% of you said you would not pay an additional charge for communal lighting and only 11% said you would.

  • Window cleaning had the highest ‘yes’ response with 23% saying you would pay for window cleaning however the majority (67%) said you would not.

  • 66% said you would not pay for pest control, 15% said you would and 19% of you were not sure.

The top three other suggestions made by you were:

  • Pathway maintenance or clearance

  • Gardening help

  • Gutter clearing

Using all of this feedback, and based on the majority of votes, we will go out to tender for a new estate services contract that includes all of the existing services we offer but does not include any new services