Win money by saving money

The PrizeSaver account lets you win money by saving money

24 October 2019

Looking for a savings account for last minute Christmas savings or to go towards something you have your eye on?

We’re working with West Country Savings and Loans (WCS&L) to give you access to savings accounts and affordable loan options to help you financially.

WCS&L have launched a new PrizeSaver savings account where for every £1 in your account at the end of each month, you will be entered once into a prize draw. You can save as much as you like and be entered into the prize draw a maximum 200 times.

You could win one main prize of £5,000 or win one of 20 smaller prizes of £20 each month.

To sign up or find out more visit WCS&L website or call them on 0800 304 7041.