Partnership update

An update on the Radian and Yarlington partnership

5 November 2019

In September the Radian and Yarlington Boards met individually to approve the business case for the proposed partnership. The business case looks at the benefits of both organisations coming together and sets out our priorities as a new organisation.

On Monday 4 November 2019 Radian and Yarlington came together as one organisation and now have a shared Board and Management Team. Until the two organisations have combined, Yarlington will continue to be your landlord/freeholder and you will see no changes to the services you receive.

We want our customers’ voices to be front and centre of the decision-making process for our organisation. In early 2020 we will run a consultation with all of our customers to give you the opportunity to share your ideas and opinions on what you want your services to look like.

Whilst you will not see any significant changes immediately, this partnership is good news for our customers. By bringing Radian and Yarlington together we can combine our resources and over the coming months, we will tell you how we can improve services, invest more in our communities and build much needed affordable homes across the south and south west.

As we progress with the partnership we will continue to keep you informed along the way but if you have any immediate questions please to get in touch.