DIY to pass the time

You probably want to do some DIY to fill your time at home but it’s important to stay safe to avoid accidents

As we look for ways to fill our time at home, the list of small DIY jobs looks much more tempting, but without the proper preparation or equipment, accidents can happen.

Please do not carry out any repairs to your home that are the responsibility of Yarlington. Your tenancy agreement will clarify this if you are unsure. If it is an emergency, please contact us.

Our Health & Safety team have listed some top tips to help you reduce the risk of an accident:

  • Make sure you have the right tools or equipment to carry out the task safely

  • Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before use

  • Check that you have the right materials for the job and wear any required personal protective equipment

  • Check that your tools are in good condition and working order before using them

  • If you decide to work at height (for example, putting up a picture) make sure you have a suitable ladder, placed on a flat surface and have someone to steady the ladder while you use it

  • Electricity is a quick and silent killer so use electrical equipment with respect. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, use a power breaker between the equipment and power supply and unplug the equipment after use. If possible use battery powered tools

  • Always keep all tools, equipment and supplies away from pets and children