We are Abri

Radian Group has changed its name to Abri

5 October 2020

From 5 October 2020 we are now Abri. All the landlords within the Radian group including Yarlington Housing Group now come under the Abri brand. You will see the name Abri on emails and other correspondence from us, but it is important to remember that your landlord has not changed.

You do not have to do anything

Your home and services are not affected. But we do need to tell you some things about our change of name so you know what to expect. We will start to look a little different from now on.

Why have we changed our name?

In November 2019, Radian and Yarlington joined forces. We got together to combine our resources and build more affordable homes, improve our services and do more for you and your community. We are stronger together and remain focused on our local communities.

So we can do more, we need to bring Radian and Yarlington together into one organisation with one name. Our new name is Abri.


Here’s a table of what’s changed and what hasn’t

Here’s some answers to questions you might have

Abri means shelter

Abri means ‘shelter’. But it means more than just that. It means a home, a community and bringing people together. That is exactly what we are about: creating thriving communities and improving people’s life chances.

Please bear with us while we change our name

Some of our vans, our uniforms and our websites have already changed to Abri. But it is going to take a little time before everything reflects our new name. So, for a while, you might see things referred to as either Abri, Radian or Yarlington while we make the necessary changes.

If you are expecting a visit from one of our colleagues, they will always carry an ID card that says Abri, Radian or Yarlington. It will also show our colleague’s name and their photo. If you are ever unsure, please give us a call and we will be able to confirm they are one of our colleagues.

Abri is all about creating communities and empowering lives

You told us what you want from us: great services and quality, sustainable and safe homes in communities where everyone can belong, grow and thrive. You also want us to remain focused on our local communities. I can assure you, these are and will continue to be Abri’s priorities too.