Why are we Abri?

We’ve achieved a lot as new organisation, but we plan to do more

5 October 2020

Radian and Yarlington became one organisation so we could combine our resources to build more homes, improve our services and do more for you and your community.

Since we’ve become one organisation we’ve achieved a lot

The majority of our partnership has been during COVID19, but even without some services running, we’ve achieved a lot:

  • Set up the Buddy Club to provide support and a friendly voice to our vulnerable customers, nearly 3,00 calls have been made and 1,000 customers benefitted

  • We cooked and delivered over 2,000 hot meals to families in need

  • We set up a Domestic Abuse taskforce, contacting and helping hundreds of people access support agencies or put security measures in place

  • Provided financial and employment support to those affected by the virus

  • Kept our most vulnerable safe, with only two outbreaks in our schemes

  • We launched a community investment strategy, which will improve health, wellbeing and employment opportunities in each of our communities. We will spend more time in your area and understand the needs of local people to provide support and investment that’s right for you.

As Abri, we have seven very clear priorities

To do even more, we need to be under one name. That’s why we are now called Abri. But a brand is not just a name. As one new organisation we have a new set of commitments.

We are all about providing great homes and services, creating communities and improving peoples’ life chances. We will work with you, our communities and other partners to make this a reality.

At the start of 2020 we asked you to tell us what you think our priorities should be for the new organisation. You told us you wanted us to:

  • Build more homes

  • Invest more in our existing homes

  • Make our homes more environmentally friendly

We’re doing all three and more.

We will:

  1. Build at least 1,000 homes each year by 2025

  2. Invest £215 million in our existing homes, expanding our work to do more ourselves and make sure it’s high quality

  3. Aim for 100% customer satisfaction because you deserve great services

  4. Make our neighbourhoods safer and invest in the support you and your community need

  5. Create a great place to work because this is how we can deliver fantastic services

  6. Manage our business to the highest standards so that we can be great value for money

  7. Play our part in tackling climate change by improving our homes and reducing our carbon footprint

But we can only achieve all of this by working with you

Your voice is what we need to make all of this happen. We have introduced a variety of ways for you to have your say on the services you receive and how you receive them.

This includes:

  • Telling us what new services you want and how they should run

  • Getting involved in projects, building them alongside us so we get them right first time

  • Telling us when you’re struggling so we can offer support

  • Making sure we are performing as a business and what we are doing to maintain or improve

  • No matter how small, every piece of feedback will be used to understand where we got it right, how we’ve gone wrong and where we can improve, so we never stop getting better

There are so many ways to get involved and we can’t wait to tell you just how to do this. Keep your eyes peeled for groups and opportunities as they happen, very soon.

Together, we are Abri and only together, will we provide great homes and services, create communities and improve peoples’ life chances.