Winter is coming

Maintaining the outside of your home

23 October 2020

Being familiar with the outside of your home and carrying out a few small jobs will help you avoid any issues with leaks, flooding and accidents.

Do you know where your stop tap is? It’s important to know where it is if you ever need to turn your water off due to a leak. The most common locations of stop taps in properties are:

  • Under the kitchen sink

  • In an under-stairs cupboard

  • In a downstairs bathroom

How does your roof look? Check there are no missing roof tiles or any hanging loose to reduce the risk of leaks.

Make sure your drains and gutters are free from debris like leaves. This will reduce the chance of leaks and floods when the rain comes down. If you notice any broken guttering book a repair through My Yarlington.

If you live in a property with an outside tap, ensure the water supply to the tap is turned off through the winter to prevent pipes bursting.

Keep your paths swept and clear of leaves and debris as this can increase the risk of slipping in icy weather.