How can you get involved with Abri?

There's loads of ways to have your say and help improve our services

14 January 2021

You said you wanted ways to share feedback and feel listened to, so that’s exactly what we’ve done. We promised we’d give you ways to share your ideas, give us feedback and help improve our services.

So, we created the Voice of the Customer (or VOC Futures for short)

You might have seen us asking you to get involved in our engagement group? That’s one way you can get your voice heard but there are plenty of other ways we’re listening to you and supporting you.

Consultations: if we want to change anything or bring in something new, we’ll ask you what you think before we do it. This could be anything from what our priorities should be as an organisation, to what estate services you’d like to see. Before we do anything, we ask you. Every time we need to consult, we’ll let you know how. You can see all the consultations we've done recently, and the results here.

Engagement: We run workshops, focus groups and test out new things with our customers and only ask you to be involved in the areas you’re interested in. This could include anything from our repairs service to our customer portal. So if you’d like to hear what we’re currently working on or get involved, you can sign-up here, email or give us a call.

Did you know that 100% of customers who completed our recent survey on engagement said they feel listened to?

Safer lives: Your safety is our highest priority but it’s not just about us helping you. We’re always looking at ways to keep you safe from everything including anti-social behavior to the structure of your home. The safer lives panel makes sure what you’re telling us is acted on and works with external partners where needed.

Positive people and places: We want to make sure everyone can maintain their tenancy and access the services they need to make it a success so we’ll work with customers to find a solution and if we can, give a little helping hand.

Feedback: We don’t survey you for the sake of it or ignore your complaints. No! Everything you tell us goes to the Customer Feedback Panel. We look at everything you’ve told us you like or don’t like, look at ways we can improve and where we’ve made changes thanks to you, we’ll tell you.

Community investment: Did you know that the VOC Community Investment Panel members are all customers? We look at what’s happening in each of our Community Investment areas to make sure our plans are going well and customers within those communities can give us a unique and valuable insight.

Scrutiny Group: Although it’s not strictly part of VOC, we also have a Scrutiny Group where you review all of our services and make sure we’re doing what we said we would. And it even links directly to our Board so you’ve got the chance to hold our senior teams to account. Want to be part of it? Email