Get confident online this year

Getting online has never been needed more than right now

18 January 2021

Getting online has never been needed more than right now. So, we want to make sure everyone feels confident using the internet and technology. That’s where Cosmic comes in.

Cosmic helps people get connected online, this could be anything from staying connected to friends to searching for jobs.

Cosmic are running a six-week course

This February and March Cosmic are running a six-week course to help you feel confident online. Here’s what’ll be covered:

  • Session one, 3 February – online communication

  • Session two, 10 February – general knowledge pub quiz

  • Session three, 17 February – CV writing with Abri’s employment team

  • Session four, 24 February – digital knowledge pub quiz

  • Session five, 3 March – staying safe online

  • Session six, 10 March – five ways to health and wellbeing

Why attend? It’s free and there’s prizes

You can attend as may sessions as you want. If you attend all six sessions you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win an Amazon Echo Dot.

The course is also free and open to anyone who is keen to learn more about getting online.

It’ll help develop your skills, is a great way to connect with other people and supports your health and wellbeing.

Contact Ben to sign up

Because we’re in lockdown, the sessions will be on Zoom. If you want to get involved or find our more, contact Ben at Cosmic at or give him a call on 07383 553831.