Group simplification consultation

We wanted to update you on our group simplification consultation

27 January 2021

Last autumn we consulted with Drum, Portal and Yarlington customers on merging these housing associations into one landlord, Abri Group Ltd because let’s face it, the difference between Abri and your landlord is really confusing.

Thank you for getting involved

We want to thank everyone that gave us their opinion. More than 100 customers got involved and the majority of you were in favour of the merger. With your feedback we hoped to complete the merger by 31 March this year but unfortunately this has been delayed.

So we’re going to merge in two stages

We’ve decided to merge in two stages. The first stage will see Drum and Portal merging into Yarlington by 31 March.

Stage two will see Yarlington become Abri just like we originally planned, but at a later date.

This means your landlord will not change in March as planned

Because you’re an existing Yarlington customer, this phased approach means that your landlord will not change in March this year as originally planned. At a later date, if all goes to plan, your landlord will become Abri.

You don’t need to do anything

You do not need to do anything, we just wanted to let you know what’s happening. When the merger of Yarlington into Abri is ready to go ahead, we will let you know.

Please ask us if you have any questions

Even though nothing is changing right now, if you have any questions please let us know by:

  • Using our live chat or messaging

  • Emailing us here

  • Giving us a call on 01935 404500