Keeping safe from fire at home: Smoking

We want to share with you our fire safety tips to help keep you safe

Tips for smoking safely at home

Our primary authority, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, have told us that the careless disposal of cigarettes is the main cause of house fire fatalities with just over half of fatalities caused by discarded smoking materials. So if you’re a smoker please be careful and here are some tips for reducing the risk of fire at home.

  • Never smoke in bed or on armchairs and sofas – especially if you think you might fall asleep.

  • It’s safer to smoke outdoors

  • Make sure to stub out cigarettes or cigars properly, use ashtrays and dispose of the contents carefully, making sure it’s fully cooled before emptying into an outside bin

  • If you use e-cigarettes never leave to charge unattended or overnight as they can overheat and start a fire. Only use the charger supplied with your e-cigarette kit.

See if you’re eligible for a Safe and Well visit?

If you have any concerns about fire safety in your home please contact your local fire service for a  Safe and Well visit. This consists of members of your local fire and rescue service visiting your home, at a time convenient to you, to carry out an inspection of your home. They will:

  • Identify and be aware of the potential fire risks within your home

  • Know what to do in order to reduce or prevent these risks

  • Put together an escape plan in case a fire does break out and ensure you have working smoke alarms.

For more information please contact your nearest fire service:


Devon & Somerset

Dorset & Wiltshire


West Sussex


Royal Berkshire


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