Keeping safe from fire at home: Kitchens

We want to share with you our fire safety tips to help keep you safe

Kitchen fires are one of the most common causes of house fires and our primary authority, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, tell us that 89% of these happen when the person is in another room. To see how serious this can be watch the warning from Amber who had a very lucky escape, sharing her story  to make you think twice about leaving cooking unattended.

How to make your kitchen safe

  • Never leave cooking unattended

  • When you’re finished remember to take pans off the heat and switch off the oven or hob

  • Tea towels and clothing should be kept away from the oven and hob

  • Watch out for any build-up of grease and fat to prevent this catching fire whilst cooking. Keep the oven, hob and grill clean

  • Do not put anything metallic inside the microwave

Safely using electrical appliances

  • Don’t overload sockets; one plug per socket is the rule, especially if the appliance use a lot of power (like a kettle).

  • Do not leave appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers on at night.

  • Work top appliances such as your toaster and kettle should never be positioned near anything which could catch light e.g. curtain, kitchen roll or too close to an overhanging cupboard.

Deep Fat Frying

Deep fat fryers fires cause one fifth of all accidental household fires. If you have a chip pan make sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Never leave a chip pan unattended

  • Use a thermostat-controlled deep fat fryer – this will make sure the fat doesn’t get too hot

  • Only fill it one third full of oil or fat

  • Always dry the chips before placing them in oil

  • Test the temperature of the oil with a small piece of bread or potato. If it crisps quickly, the oil is hot enough

  • If the oil starts to smoke, don’t put the food in. Turn off the heat and leave the pan to cool

What if my chip pan catches fire?

  • Turn the power off to the chip pan, but only if it’s safe to do so

  • Leave the room and close the door behind you

  • Get out, stay out, call 999

  • Disturbing the pan of oil even after the fire is out, can cause it to reignite – allow the Fire Service to remove the pan

  • Never use water to distinguish as this will cause a fireball

Watch this video to learn more about the dangers and how to deal with them:

For more information please contact your nearest fire service:


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