Have your say in our tenancy consultation

We’d like to know your thoughts about the proposed changes to our tenancy agreements

Abri is all about creating communities and empowering lives. You told us what you want from us: great services and quality, sustainable and safe homes in communities where everyone can belong, grow and thrive.

It is important that we consult with you when major decisions are being made – in fact, it one of the promises in our Customer Charter. We will consult with customers on any proposals that significantly affect our service offers and policies.

This month we’d like to know what you think about the proposed changes to our tenancy agreements, which we’ve made to standardise our tenancy offer to people living in our homes.

What’s changed?

There are some brand new clauses in our proposed Abri tenancy agreement:

  • Those living in shared properties will be able to contribute towards communal furniture or equipment.

  • We’ll allow customers to install CCTV and doorbell cameras within the boundaries of their property if it means not drilling into any walls.

  • There are some new compliance and safety clauses.

And there are some clauses we’ve changed in our proposed Abri tenancy agreement:

  • We’ll be able to service notices digitally, whereas before these were always done in person.

  • We’ve updated our position on allowing pets in line with the Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill.

  • In line with our assignment policy to allow joint to sole, or sole to joint tenancies for couples, it will allow for one joint tenant to act as an agent on behalf of the other if they cannot be traced down.

  • We’re planning to have a variable service charge model for all agreements, which means a charge is set at the start of the year, based on an estimate of the service cost, and so may well change from year-to-year.

Will this make a difference to all customers?

Not right away. Customers who move from one property to another will be offered a new tenancy agreement, so this means our proposed changes will mean our Abri agreement is different from former Radian and Yarlington tenancy agreements. This will apply to all home moves, except mutual exchanges.

But right now, we won’t be changing existing customers’ tenancy agreements unless a move or tenure change means you need to sign a new agreement.

How do I get involved?

If you’d like to join our customer focus group on our new tenancy agreement, email Shabana Farooq, Community Development Officer no later than 19 August 2021. The focus group will take place virtually on Monday 23 August 2021.