Warm Home Discount

The Warm Home Discount means £140 deducted from your electric bill

28 October 2021

Did you know you could be eligible for the Warm Home Discount? This is £140 deducted from your electric bill, usually paid between October and March. It can be either deducted from your final bill or made as a credit on your pre-payment meter.

There are two ways to access this:

If you receive the Guarantee Element of Pension Credit on/before 4 July 2021, your energy provider will write to you between October and December telling you if you need to call a helpline to apply, or how to get the discount. They will write to you before mid-December.

If you fit the “broader criteria” set by your energy supplier for their customers – often if you are on a lower income - then your electricity supplier decides who can get the discount. But the number of discounts suppliers can give is limited. You should check with your supplier as early as possible to see if you’re eligible and how to apply. Also check with them even if you were eligible for a discount last year.

If your previous energy supplier is no longer trading, you may still be eligible for a Warm Home Discount. Ofgem will appoint your new supplier for you.

Find out more on the government's website here.