How can our Incomes Team help?

We helped one customer clear their arrears and claim the right benefits

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28 October 2021

There are so many things our Incomes Team can help with, from getting you access to the benefits you’re entitled to, to helping you clear rent arrears. Here’s how we helped one customer.

The customer was working full time but made redundant due to Covid. Sadly she also became unwell with PTSD following several traumatic events. So her adult daughter gave up work to become her full time carer.

The tenant had fallen into rent arrears and had been served a Notice of Seeking Possession. They’d tried to make a claim for Personal Independence Payments(PIP) but this had been turned down by the Department for Work and Pensions.

Our Incomes team helped her challenge the decision on her PIP by Mandatory Reconsideration and it was backdated, meaning she was able to pay off her rent arrears and keep her home.

Since then, the customer has made regular, full rent payments and has not fallen back into arrears.

We also helped the daughter claim for Carer’s Allowance, which further increased the household’s income. We’re now working with them to get PIP too after a change in her condition.

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