We've updated our tenancy agreement

This wont affect your agreement unless you move home or change tenure

28 October 2021

Now that we’re Abri we’re working our way through all our policies and processes to make sure we’re providing all customers the same service. One of those is having one new tenancy agreement that works for everyone.

How have we done it?

We have looked at both legacy organisations' tenancy agreements to make sure we took the best from both. Then we ran this past a group of customers for feedback in August. We also carried out an external review with a solicitor to make sure it met the best industry practice.

Thanks to all customers that had their say on the new agreement. You told us you wanted the new agreement to support the management of local issues and about the benefits owning a pet can bring to our mental health.

Will this make a difference to existing customers?

Right now we’re not changing any customer’s tenancy agreements, you’ll keep the one you have. It’s for new Abri customers. Unless, you move from one property to another (not mutual exchanges) or if you change tenure. You’ll then be offered the Abri tenancy agreement.

What’s changed?

Here are some of the changes in the new agreement:

  • Those living in shared properties will be able to contribute towards communal furniture or equipment

  • We’ll allow customers to install CCTV and doorbell cameras within the boundaries of their property if it means not drilling into any walls.

  • There are some new compliance and safety clauses around storing explosive and flammable materials

  • We’ve updated our position on allowing pets in line with the Dogs and Domestic Animals (Accommodation and Protection) Bill

  • We’ll allow for one joint tenant to act as an agent on behalf of the other if they cannot be tracked down

  • We’re planning to have a variable service charge model for all agreements, which means a charge is set at the start of the year, based on an estimate of the service cost, and so may well change from year-to-year

  • We’re moving away from rent-free weeks (something Yarlington customers had)

  • We’ll be able to serve notices digitally, whereas before these were always done in person