What does a Community Partner do?

Our Community Partners have a lot of responsibility but they can’t do their best without you

28 October 2021

Our Community Partners have a lot of responsibility. But they can’t do their best without you. We’re all for developing strong relationships with you and your community to give you the best experience possible.

What are their responsibilities?

Our Community Partners each have a patch made up of around 600 properties. Their role is to support you for the lifetime of your tenancy to ensure it’s a great experience. They will do this in two ways.

They proactively inspect communal areas and estates, as well as individual homes, to ensure services are being delivered to a good standard or to spot emerging problems of failing tenancies.

They also react to your queries or any problems you report to us, working alongside our other teams to get the best result.

But we have more teams here to help

If you need to know something about your home or your tenancy with us, the customer portal is always a good place to start. We encourage everyone to report issues and raise queries online for our teams to look into.

We also work with our partners to tackle issues in our communities. Our housing team cannot investigate criminal behaviour, but we work with our partners within local police forces to follow up criminal convictions where any breach of tenancy has occurred with our own appropriate action.

Making our communities great places to live

The several lockdowns we experienced this year contributed to increased fly tipping and rubbish dumping in our neighbourhoods. It’s unsightly, attracts pests, and costs a lot to take away. Charges are passed onto you through your service charges, and we don’t want to have to do that.

We want our communities to be great places to live and spaces we should be proud of. So, our housing team’s plea to you is to make sure you bin your rubbish in the right way, and big and bulky items are taken to your local recycling or refuge centres. You can find more about these through your local council.

Together we can

We want to work with you to ensure your home and community is a safe, clean, and great place to live. We hope to grow our partnership with you as we get out and about in our communities and get to meet more of you soon.