Festive Fire safety

Keeping you safe during the festive season

28 October 2021

With Christmas round the corner we want to make sure everyone stays as safe as possible to minimise the risk of fire. As the decorations start to appear during the holiday season please remember we can’t take any chances to keep you, your families, and your neighbours safe. On advice supported by our primary authority, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, decorations in communal areas are a major fire hazard and could block fire escape routes.

We’re not trying to be the Grinch that stole Christmas but to help keep communal areas clear please don’t put up any seasonal, festive, or religious decorations that could catch light, such as wreaths, paper decorations, bunting etc. Whether it’s halls, front doors or communal areas we need to keep them clear which means saving decorations for only inside your homes please.

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