Challenges to our services

We wanted to update you on our repairs service right now

4 November

This year has been another tough one for us, as it has been for other organisations delivering services in people’s homes. We’ve had the challenge of working to keep you and our colleagues safe from the risk of Covid-19, as well being hit by a shortage of materials we use to complete our maintenance work, and the availability of fuel a couple of months ago.

We’re working with our suppliers to make sure we can complete our repairs and get it right first time. We know sourcing concrete products, timber and glazing has been tough since the start of the year. These issues are not ours alone, they're something the nation is facing. But we’re continuing to work with our partners and contractors to complete works on the first visit and readily source the materials we need.

Because some of these things are out of our control, it does sometimes mean we have to cancel or reschedule your appointment. We’ll try to do this as few times as possible and with plenty of warning, but if we do, we’ll rebook you in as soon as possible.

You might also see that when you book a repair, the earliest appointment is quite far away. We're currently recruiting for more people to join our team. This should help us get to appointments quicker, but only if the materials we need are available too.

We know the winter may prove challenging for us. There’s the risk of another wave of Covid-19, but the coming months may also throw poor weather conditions at us and result in more emergency works. But be assured that we’re doing all we can to deliver our services and keep you safe in your home.