RSG reviews our repairs service

The Resident Scrutiny Group has reviewed how we deliver our repairs service

22 December 2021

Our Resident Scrutiny Group (RSG) has had a busy nine months since they started working together. They meet monthly and play a key role in making sure Abri resident voices are heard by reviewing and providing suggestions about how we can improve our performance, policies, and key issues, such as complaints and health and safety.

Every year the RSG reviews several topics they’re interested in. This year they’re looking at repairs, sustainability, complaints, and anti-social behaviour (ASB).

RSG have made recommendations

We’re excited to share the outcome of the repairs review and the improvement opportunities the RSG have identified, these are now being worked on by the relevant teams across Abri.

This review focussed on lots of different parts of the overall customer experience including how we allocate work, waiting times, how efficient our service is, using sub-contractors and communication.

Twelve recommendations were made which will help Abri improve its repairs service. These focus on:

  • Reducing the time for routine repairs

  • Improving how Abri works with sub-contractors

  • Considering better ways to capture customer feedback

  • Simplifying the communication process with customers

You can take a look at the full report here.

Abri will start working on the recommendations

Now we have the full report, Abri will start working on the recommendation and will share updates with RSG every month. RSG will also keep monitoring repairs performance and work with our repairs team to keep making improvements.

We cant wait to see what the group does next!