Homes for Ukraine scheme – welcoming refugees into your home  

You will need our permission if you wish to apply to the Homes for Ukraine scheme

Our thoughts are with everyone suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine. At Abri, we’re doing all we can to help. We will support our customers who wish to open up their home to refugees from Ukraine by applying for the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme. But we need to make sure it’s right for you first. 

What is the Homes For Ukraine scheme? 

The Government has set up a scheme to support refugees coming to the UK find a safe place to stay. Through the scheme, people who live in the UK can become a ‘sponsor’ and apply to house refugees from Ukraine in their home for as long as they can (a minimum of six months). Those who are successful will receive £350 tax free, per month, as a ‘thank you’. 

Can I sign up to the scheme? 

Abri is supporting customers who wish to apply for the scheme. You will need our permission first, because the circumstances are different for everyone. You can ask for permission by using the messaging or live chat on the customer portal, or by giving us a call. 

We’ll check your home is suitable to accommodate more people. We'll also check you won’t experience any financial difficulties as a result of your kind gesture. Because each case is different, we aim to review and make a decision within a couple of weeks. 

Once you’ve got a ‘yes’ from us, you can register your interest in being a sponsor on the Government’s dedicated scheme website here. Not everyone will be successful, but if you are, you’ll have an eligibility check by the Government first. 

If you’re successful, please let us have the details of those staying with you. This is a necessary condition of our support for the scheme.  

Things to consider 

It’s a very big decision to welcome someone into your home, you need to be sure it’s the right decision for you and your household before you apply so here’s some things you should consider before you apply: 

  • War is an incredibly traumatic experience. Some of the refugees may experience mental health challenges, or struggle to adjust to losing their livelihood. Some could be grieving for lost loved ones 

  • Can you accommodate extra people in your home for a long period of time? You will need to house the refugees for a minimum of six months 

  • Your utility bills might increase even more due to the increased number of people in your household 

  • We do not believe that your Universal Credit, housing benefits, pensions credits and income support will be affected by the £350 payment. If you have any questions about your finances as part of this scheme please get in touch with us.  

Where do I go for more information? 

There’s lots more information available on the Homes for Ukraine scheme website here. The Government has also published a list of frequently asked questions which you can find here 

I can’t take in a refugee but still want to help, what can I do? 

Helping home refugees isn’t right for everyone, but there are still plenty of ways you can help like donating items or money. Click here to find out what else you can do to help.  

What are Abri doing to help? 

Abri means shelter, and that’s exactly what we’re all about, providing a safe space for those who need it most. We’re doing all we can to support victims and refugees of the war in Ukraine.  

We work closely with our local authorities to support housing needs. The local authority helps allocate those in need of a home, with the right property for them – like an Abri property. Those from Ukraine are no exception. We’ll work closely with these authorities to do what we can to support anyone in need of a home.  

We are donating £15,340 (that’s £10 for every person that works at Abri) to the Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal to help those affected by the war with essentials like food, water and aid.  

We’ve also opened a Just Giving page for our colleagues to contribute if they want to. And we’ve got drop-in locations for our colleagues to donate items too.