Our first Inclusion and Belonging report

We want to make things better for our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve

Wednesday 30 March 2022

This month, we launched our first Inclusion and Belonging report. In October 2020 we made a commitment to improving equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at Abri. We want to make things better for our customers, colleagues and the communities we serve. But to do that we need to reflect with honesty on our progress so far and be clear about our future plans. And so, we created our first Inclusion and Belonging report.

 A note from our Chief Executive

“Global events such as Black Lives Matter and Safer Streets caused us to question ourselves and whether we’re doing enough to create a fully inclusive workplace and provide services that truly reflect the diversity of the communities we serve. The answer is, of course, that we can and will do more. We’re certainly not there yet. But we have made some good progress, having refocused and redoubled our efforts over the last year.” – Gary Orr, Group Chief Executive

What’s in the report?

Here's an overview of the EDI data we have for customers and colleagues so far:

  • Our gender pay gap report

  • An update on how we’re progressing against our eight EDI objectives

  • Case studies on what EDI activity we’ve been up to so far

  • Our actions for the next 12 months

  • Targets and commitments we’re working towards to improve EDI

What did we find?

  •  Over 60% of our Group Board is female

  • The majority of our customers (39.4%) are aged 30-49

  • 3% of our customers have a disability, however for over 46% of our customers, we don’t know if they have a disability or not

  • Over 79% of our colleagues are from a white ethnic group

  • One in four of our colleagues have caring responsibilities

What are we doing next?

Over the next 12 months we’re going to continue working on our eight objectives in our EDI strategy:

  1. Embed a culture of inclusion within the organisation

  2. Make a commitment to diversity and inclusion at all levels

  3. Provide high-quality services that are accessible to all and continuously improve to meet the changing needs of our customers

  4. Encourage and facilitate involvement from our customers in shaping the delivery of high-quality and accessible services

  5. Gather and securely hold EDI-related data on our customers, employees and Board members, and use this to identify areas for future service improvement

  6. Recruit, develop and retain a diverse, talented and motivated workforce that reflects the communities we work with

  7. Facilitate the ‘employee voice’, supporting involvement from all staff to promote innovation, create a sense of belonging and make this organisation an employer of choice

  8. Make the organisation a safe, fun and enjoyable place to work where everyone is encouraged to be their authentic self.

If you’d like to read the full report, click here.