Resident Scrutiny Group’s review on Anti-Social Behaviour

Find out more about the report's findings below.

To add to their growing collection of reviews, the most recent project undertaken by Abri’s Resident Scrutiny Group (RSG) has been on Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB). It was an important project for the group to undertake, as it came up as a key priority when the group consulted with customers on their priorities in 2021.

The key things the RSG looked at in this report were:

  • Abri’s ASB policy

  • Customers’ experiences of the policies and procedures in practice

  • Referral services and follow up activities

  • Future plans post COVID restrictions

RSG’s report found that Abri’s approach to ASB is effective when related to legal and regulatory responsibilities. But they think there might be a lot more opportunity to strengthen and improve the customer experience, particularly around communication and accessibility of information and support.

The group has provided some key actions for us to work on here at Abri. They recommended that we update our website and portal with clearer instructions on how to report an ASB issue and that we say what the next steps will be. Another suggestion was that we consider creating an ASB helpline that can be used by customers outside of standard working hours as well as creating a resource hub that will make it clearer what ASB is. The RSG also thought we could do better at tracking ASB cases and using data to monitor trends which will enable us to improve our support.

We really appreciate the RSG taking the time out to review ASB, and we’re looking forward to getting stuck into their recommendations. If you’d like to read the full report, you can see it here.