Update on our grounds maintenance service

There's been changes to our grounds maintenance service.

At the end of April, we let you know about the changes to our grounds maintenance service in and around South Somerset. We shared that South Somerset District Council is no longer responsible for maintaining any opens spaces owned by us at our buildings or schemes, and this is now the responsibility of our own team.

Catching up on missed cuts

For now, we’ll deliver maintenance activities in line with the service offered by South Somerset District Council. But you will have spotted a new Abri face carrying out the maintenance service.

We’re catching up on any worked paused during the service transition as quickly as we can, and we’re pleased to have now completed initial grass cutting in all of our communities.

How will the service change in the future?

There has been no immediate change to your service charges as a result of having a new communal grounds maintenance provider. But we hope to add new and improved features to the service you receive from us.

We’d like to thank all of you who completed our spring grounds maintenance survey. We heard from almost 700 Abri customers with ideas on how Abri should deliver the grounds maintenance service in the future. This feedback will be used as we develop the service in 2022 and beyond.

If you have any questions about our plans for our grounds maintenance service, or if you have any concerns about any grounds maintenance in your area, please get send us a message via MyYarlington.