Heat weather warning and our services

Whilst many of us enjoy seeing the sunshine for a change, the extreme heat we’re experiencing right now can become very dangerous.

The Met Office have issued a red weather warning for extreme heat for Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 July, which shows how serious the risk is. We’ll do our very best to keep our services going wherever possible, but the extremely hot weather might impact this, so please bear with us.

What’s being affected?

  • Some types of repairs and maintenance work might be affected, but we’ll try to give as much notice as possible and we’ll be in touch to rearrange any work that has to be cancelled

  • Visits by our Housing team might need to be rearranged, but we’ll make sure you’re kept up to date with any changes

  • The Roundabout Cafe is scheduled to close Monday, but it’ll be open again on Tuesday and monitored throughout the day

  • Cafe 1759 is normally shut on Mondays, but it will also close on Tuesday

We’re sorry for any inconvenience you might experience because of these changes. The safety of our colleagues and customers will always come first – we hope you understand.

Staying safe

Lots of us like to enjoy gardens and outdoor spaces when the weather is nice, including have a BBQ. Whilst this is great to enjoy, it’s really important to stay safe so you don’t put yourself or others at risk:

  • Never use a BBQ – including disposables – indoors or on your balcony

  • Be careful where you position your BBQ – we suggest on level ground, well away from anything flammable like sheds, fences, trees or tents

  • Don't use petrol, paraffin or any flammable liquids on your BBQ – firelighters are a much safer option

  • Carefully supervise children – little ones can all too easily trip and fall, while older children might hurt themselves trying to help

  • Be pet-aware – dogs (and some cats!) love to snaffle sausages and can cause accidents getting under your feet. To be really safe, keep Fido indoors, or at least out of the immediate vicinity of the BBQ